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eBook Publishing for Australia. Conversion and distribution. Available everywhere.

Your Microsoft® WORD manuscript converted into multiple eBook formats and distributed worldwide to all of the most popular eBook retailers for immediate purchase and download.

Fontaine Publishing Group specialises in e-publishing solutions for emerging and independent authors, small and large businesses, government and organisations. Fontaine also 're-births' published authors' out-of-print paperback titles.

We are Australia's most highly rated ebook publishing service.

Beautiful eBooks
Unlike many eBook conversion services, your manuscript will be expertly converted to appear the best it can be, on all e-readers.

Worldwide Distribution
Global distribution of your eBook across all the world's most popular e-platforms. Includes Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Healthy Royalties
You've done the hard work, you keep the lionshare of proceeds. Cash out your accumulated royalties, anytime.

Online Dashboard
View all sales of your eBook, detailing where purchased and amount earned per sale. Dashboard updated monthly.

100% Ownership Always
Retain 100% rights and ownership of your Work. No contracts, no restrictions. Do what you like, when you like. Always.

Pro-Publisher Add-ons
Leverage our expert traditional publishing experience - enlist us to create your web page, professionally edit your manuscript, design your cover.

eBook Publishing

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