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Book Publishing Services

Your manuscript deserves the best publishing expertise you can afford. FPG supplies the whole range of professional book publishing services required to achieve this: proof reading, substantive editing, professional interior layout, book cover design, and superior bookstore-quality printing and binding.

The writing and editing of your manuscript must be the best you can do, and then it should be even better. The last thing you want is readers noticing mistakes or poor writing. You know yourself how offputting it is to read a book that has obviously not been given that critical eye and final polish.

Professional Cover Design
An effective book cover manages to catch the eye and convey the idea behind the book on a single page, at a glance. FPG offers different levels of professional book cover design to meet your budget and fulfill your objectives.

Professional Interior Book Design
A smartly conceived, well designed and organised book interior is just as important as a professionally designed book cover, and will add sales. Our book designers consider many factors when creating the interior pages. These can include font selection, kerning, leading, chapter breaks, front matter, indexing, back matter, final page count, margins, and many other details.

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Publishing Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Fontaine Publishing Group has various custom publishing solutions to meet your requirements and objectives.

SELF PUBLISHING - For smaller quantity print runs, book design, printing and print-on-demand solutions. Request a book printing quote.

VIVID PUBLISHING - Publishing under our VIVID imprint - perfect for the self-starter independent author or business.

VIVID PRIME - Our premium partnered publishing imprint offers a small number of authors the chance to work hand in hand with us to successfully publish their next Work, with guaranteed promotion + distribution into Australian bookstores, worldwide distribution via Ingram Group, and publicity/PR support alongside the author's significant promotional efforts. Further details to come shortly.

FONTAINE PRESS - Our flagship traditional publishing imprint, offers a small number of authors a 'no-fee' based standard royalty-based publishing contract (1,500+ submissions are received yearly). We make a substantial investment with all Fontaine Press titles.

CUSTOM BUSINESS PUBLISHING - We offer a complete bespoke publishing service, working with business and organisations to produce a range of products, from small promotional paperbacks right through to beautifully bound full colour coffee-table books. Read more.

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”Joseph Pulitzer

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