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Fontaine DIY Book Publicity Guide

For selected Fontaine authors, we provide a hardcover edition comprehensive, easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to becoming your own publicist. It distills the experience our book publicist of more  than 15 years working with authors great and small on two continents. Emma has designed the Guide with the enthusiastic, self-motivated writer in mind, and writers of non-fiction in particular, although the process applies equally to fiction with a little lateral thinking and a few small adjustments here and there.

The Fontaine DIY Book Publicity Guide will teach you practical skills like:
• How to write a press release
• Identifying news angles
• Writing a winning pitch
• How to give a great interview.

It includes:
• An overview of the Australian media world
• A media training guide
• Real examples of author interview schedules and press and news releases
• The publicist’s toolkit: a rundown of the essential material you’ll need on your book publicity journey

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