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Distribution - Australia Book Stores and Worldwide

Australian Book Distribution + Fulfillment

Don't spend your time taking orders, packing and posting books - spend your time promoting your title, and working on the next bestseller! Publishing under our Vivid Publishing imprint together with our print-on-demand service, we can seamlessly fulfill all trade and customer orders Australia-wide.

Contact us with details of your next publishing venture.

Worldwide Book Distribution + Fulfillment

If your next title has broad international appeal, and you are able to promote to your target market, the ideal publishing solution is Vivid Publishing's print-on-demand service. Once listed, your book (printed + ebook) will be available for purchase worldwide from the largest possible audience - over 50,000 wholesalers, retailers, book sellers and libraries in over 100 countries. Your book will gain maximum exposure in the market today. And, importantly, never out of stock or missing a sale. Your book will be available for purchase on the world's leading internet bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. For further information,  email: vividpod@fontaine.com.au or call us now on 08 9467 4143.

Premium Distribution into Australian Bookstores

So you have the next bestseller? Or, at least, you are confident your book can sell over 1,000 copies through the quality of your writing, the demand in the marketplace, and your planned publicity and promotional efforts (with optional three month publicity campaign by our publicist)?

VIVID PRIME is FPG's premium partner-publishing imprint geared specifically for the driven author whose next title could mix it with the best in the marketplace. We work with a select few authors per year to polish their manuscripts and guarantee promotion and distribution into bookstores via our exclusive Australian trade distribution contracts. We also make available worldwide via partners Ingram, and to our contracted library distributor. Savvy authors prefer this route compared to the traditional publisher/author relationship which is typically based around a 10% royalty paid to author per sale, and author signing over significant rights to the publisher for 10 or more years. VIVID PRIME authors prefer to earn 50% more per sale, retain more ownership and flexibility of their work. For further information,  email: vividprime@fontaine.com.au or call us now on 08 9467 4143.