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Flexi-Cover Sewn Book


flexi-case book

"Flexi-Case niche binding offers the very best aspects of both paperback perfect binding  and hard cover case binding in a huggable, portable format. We love them here at Fontaine!"

A flexible-cover (or “Flexi-Case”) section-sewn book offers advantages of both paperback perfect binding format and hard cover case binding format. A flexi-cover sewn book has a flexible, turned-edge cover, endpapers and the possibility of head and tail bands, flaps and a book marker ribbon, just like hardcover books, and with an increased 'lay-flat' ability. The result is a book with far more durability and flexibility than a perfect-bound paperback book, but without the added bulk, weight and production processes of a hardcover cased-bound book. Flexi-Case books also have a far higher perceived value than a paperback book, a goal for many publishers and content-creators selling their books in the marketplace today.

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** Please note: This format is printed with our offshore partners and turnaround is approximately 9-10 weeks which includes shipping.