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Publishing for positioning, profit and prestige

by Jason Swiney, Publishing Director, Fontaine Publishing Group
(extract from Darren Gleeson's 'Stairway to Profits' Vivid Publishing 2016)

Imagine the next time you meet with a client or attend a speaking engagement…instead of handing out business cards, you are able to point to or give away your book. Not just any book, but a book written by you, with stories and wisdom gained through your unique professional experience.
Suddenly you are not just another businessperson, but an expert in your field. Your book is available for sale on Amazon, iBookstore and other major retailers across the globe. And what’s more, when potential clients look your book up, they find reviews and testimonials from happy customers who’ve benefited from your knowledge and insight.

Your book may not make you rich or famous, but there is no doubt that self-publishing a business book in your field of expertise can have a myriad of direct benefits for you and your business.

A well thought-out, professional-looking self-published book can elevate your business above your competitors; inform and inspire current and future clientele; magnify your profile and that of your business. Your book can become a self-perpetuating revenue-raising component in its own right, a story that others are inspired to read and to share.

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Done well, with a professional cover design and editing (since it will, after-all, represent your business), the benefits can include:

Elevating your status as the ‘go-to’ person in your field. This can lead to lucrative speaking engagements, media opportunities and interviews, and higher recognition.

Fast tracking existing and potential clients’ understanding of your business and ideas to propel them to the next level and to provide ongoing written support for implementation.

Creating a Unique Marketing Tool – it will be kept, it will persevere, and it will be shared. Your book makes the ultimate business card or giveaway. Spread your vision far and wide and sow seeds for future business opportunities.

Setting You Apart from your competitors, and most importantly, adding a layer of credibility unattainable by almost any other means.

Magnifying Discoverability – your book, published and available worldwide with today’s technology, in paperback, hardcover and eBook editions, means your book—and you—will be easily discoverable outside your current circle of influence.

Automating Revenue – modern print and distribution channels now allow your book to be purchased, printed and fulfilled, hands off, 24/7 worldwide. True passive income generation that can add up.